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The Belize IBC was the first entity to be offered by the country as an International Finance and Investment vehicle and was thus the advent of the IFS industry in Belize. Although the country has developed immensely over the years and has introduced new legislation and new entities, the IBC remains a structure of great interest.

The Belize IBC is governed by the International Business Companies Act Chapter 270 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000 and is a tax free and exchange control free private limited company having its profit-earning activities conducted outside Belize. The Act is both modern and attractive and is designed to meet the various needs of sophisticated international investors. Additionally, the Act is very flexible and allows for the migration of companies into and out of Belize.

The incorporation process is carried out by the Belize IBC Registry which is fully computerized and modernized allowing for complete company incorporation within an hour. The registry also allows for Chinese Incorporations, and the shares held in a company may be denominated in any currency.

Due to its flexibility, the Belize IBC may be utilized for a variety of reasons ranging from property holding and estate planning to tax optimization as well as forming a part of an overall cross border wealth planning structure. It has extensive features protecting the confidentiality of its owners and is not subject to any onerous reporting requirements.

Features of the Belize International Business Company

Legal System Common Law
Type of Company for International Business Yes
Shelf Companies Available Yes
Non-English Company Name allowed Yes
Time to Incorporate 1 Day
Change in Domicile Permitted Yes
Taxation on Profits No
Exchange Controls No
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Shareholders 1
Minimum Directors 1
Standard Authorised Capital US$50,000
Bearer Shares Permitted Yes
Location of Meetings Anywhere
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Administration Anywhere
Local Requirements
Registered Office/Agent Yes
Company Secretary No
Director No
Meetings No
Public Filings
Directors No
Shareholders No
Beneficial Owners No
Accounts No
Annual Requirements
Minimum Government Fee US$100
Annual Return No
Accounts Yes
Audited Accounts No


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