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Anguilla is the most northerly of the Caribbean Leeward Islands and has a total land area of approximately 35 square miles. Colonized by English settlers from Saint Kitts in 1650, Anguilla was administered by Great Britain until the early 19th century. In 1971, two years after a revolt, Anguilla was finally allowed to secede from St. Kitts and Nevis; this arrangement was formally recognized in 1980, with Anguilla becoming a separate British dependency.

Today, Anguilla is an internally self-governing overseas territory of the UK having the Chief Minister as the head of government. Anguilla took its place in the IFS industry when its Financial Services Commission commenced operations on 2nd February, 2004. The creation of the Commission allows Anguilla to meet international standards in the structure and administration of its financial services regulatory body.

The type of company used in Anguilla for international business is the Anguilla International Business Company (IBC). ICS has been and continues to act as an authorized overseas agent for Anguilla IBCs for the past 8 years. To date, ICS acts as Registered Agent for almost 200 active Anguilla IBCs. With the extensive experience and knowledge acquired over the years ICS is poised to provide quality and efficient service for clients requiring the use of an Anguillan IBC.

Please visit www.anguillacompanies.com for detailed information and background on Anguilla as well as more information on how to set up your own Anguilla Company through ICS.

Anguilla Laws

Anguilla Companies Act (528.5 KiB)

Anguilla Companies Registry Act (76.3 KiB)

Anguilla Company Management Act (74.7 KiB)

Anguilla Financial Services Amendment Act 2013 (2.1 MiB)

Anguilla Financial Services Commission Act (212.3 KiB)

Anguilla International Business Companies Act (241.2 KiB)

Anguilla Limited Liabilities Company Act (197.1 KiB)

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