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The Belize Foundation was added to the suite of investment vehicles and services offered by the Belize jurisdiction in 2010. Governed by the International Foundations Act, 2010, the Foundation is a hybrid between a trust and a company.   The Foundation incorporates the donor and beneficiary features of the trust along with the management body and legal personality aspect of a company. Similar to the other IFS vehicles, the Belize International Foundation is free from taxes and duties in Belize and is also exchange control free.

The Act was amended in 2013 enhancing the Belize International Foundation. The International Foundations (Amendment) Act (No. 17 of 2013) allows for non-residents to act as council members for more than one foundation without the requirement of having a license. The restriction on members to be licensed if they wish to act for more than one foundation now only applies to the Belize member.

Our International Foundation services are also offered through our sister company International Trust Services Limited. Please visit ITSL’s website at www.belizetrustservices.com for additional information and key details.

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