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Circle icon Belize Domestic Company Features

Legal System Common Law
Relevant Law Companies Act Chapter 250, R.E. 2000
Shelf Companies Available no
Non-English Company Name allowed Yes
Time to Incorporate 2-3 Days
Change in Domicile Permitted No
Taxation on Profits Yes
Exchange Controls Yes
Corporate Requirements
Minimum Shareholders 1
Minimum Directors 1
Standard Authorised Capital BZ$10,000
Bearer Shares Permitted No
Location of Meetings Belize
Corporate Directors Permitted Yes
Administration Belize
Local Requirements
Registered Office/Agent Registered Office required
Company Secretary Yes
Director Yes
Meetings Yes
Public Filings
Directors Yes
Shareholders Yes
Beneficial Owners No
Accounts No
Annual Requirements
Minimum Government Fee BZ$604 for incorporation; BZ$50 for filing of Annual Summary
Annual Return Yes
Accounts Yes
Audited Accounts No

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